Please watch this page for dates on upcoming Crystal Workshops coming in Fall/Winter 2019.

Our workshops include:

  • How to Choose the Right Crystals For You 
    • The most effective ways to choose your crystal(s)
    • How to sense subtle and intense crystal energy
    • Crystal healing properties by color
    • Crystals and their elemental correspondence
    • Working with crystals and your Chakras
    • How to use a dowsing pendulum to choose your crystals and to help with ANY decision-making
  • Using and Caring For Your Crystals 
    • How to choose the best cleansing method
    • How to cleanse effectively
    • Cleansing affirmations / rituals
    • How to activate your crystals
    • Activation rituals
    • How to charge and recharge your crystals
    • Charging affirmations / rituals
    • How to use your crystals
    • How to store your crystals
  • An overview of Crystal Manifestation Grids & Healing Layouts 

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