Join us for Guided Crystal Meditation & Singing Bowls Every Monday & Wednesday, 6-7pm. 

Beginning September 18, 2019, meditations will be at "Grace, The Health Studio" on El Paseo in Palm Desert, California.
Li will guide you through a beautiful visualization meditation and choose specific crystals to lay on and around you to open your Chakras. Your connection to (and alignment with) the universal energy will be enhanced. She will also play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and use OM tuning forks to lift your vibration and open you to receive messages from the Source.

The Source is spiritual energy, inspiration and power. It is the energy that renews the body and the mind; that from which all things begin. Source energy is ever present and gives you the power to bring yourself into harmony with your true, beautiful self.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please call Li at 760.619.2288. There are 12 spots available per class, and they fill up fast, so please don't wait to call.
Hosted by "Grace, The Health Studio", 74140 El Paseo, Suite 4, Palm Desert, CA. Cost: $15 per session. Cash only please. Crystals, yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are provided. Bring your own pillow.