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The Power of Crystals ​to Help and Heal

Crystal Healing is a gentle, non-invasive, energetic and spiritual system of healing that treats your entire, integrated energy system. The therapeutic effects are powerful and far-reaching, working on all levels of the emotional body, mind and spirit. 

Crystals are precisely chosen to address specific mental, spiritual and emotionally-driven physical issues. They can be worn, carried, placed into one's environment, placed into geometric grids, or put on or around the physical body. When activated with clear intention, ​they absorb, energize, calm, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy ... to soothe, balance and re-energize the physical and energetic body. 

Crystal Healing Sessions with Li Saul

Before your treatment, you will be asked to complete a Client Intake Form. This will cover a brief medical history, your current issue(s) and your reasons for seeking out Crystal Healing.

During your Crystal Healing session, you will remain fully clothed. (Loose comfortable clothing is advised.) You will be asked to lay down on the therapy bed and simply relax. Li will scan your energy body (your aura) and locate areas of imbalance; identifying chaotic, fluctuating, deficient, or overactive energy. Then, she will guide you through gentle breathing and a release of any energy not for your highest good.

Next, Li will select crystals to address any energetic imbalances she has found, and place them on and around your body in a particular pattern ... to rejuvenate, balance and heal. Their vibrations will align your energy system, and activate your mind and body's innate ability to heal.

Sessions usually last 1 hour. Upon completion of your treatment, 5 minutes will be spent on reviewing the session, how you're feeling, and Li's findings.

Crystals: Cleansing, Programming, Charging
If you choose to work with crystals on your own, it is important to bond with them and lovingly care for them. Once you have bought your crystal from a reputable source, cleansing it is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE. It will have traveled far, and passed through many hands before getting to you. As a result, it will have picked up many energies that you don't want to have around you or in your energy field. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, including smudging them with ceremonial sage, using essential oil vapors, covering them with brown rice, burying them in the ground, putting them under running water (preferably a natural source), using sea salt and more.  It is important to know what is right for your crystal. (For example, not all crystals can tolerate water or salt.) Reading up on your selected crystal will be tremendously important.

Activating your crystal is an important step that requires quiet time with you and your crystal. Think of it as an important ritual ... your time to bond with your crystal, define your intention, and express how you want it to work with you. In essence, you will be harmonizing your intentions with the vibrations of your crystal.

Charging and recharging is another important step in effectively working in harmony with your crystals. Crystals absorb and transform energies to bring light and dispel negativity. As a result, their energies can become depleted -- especially with frequent use.  Many methods are effective, including sunlight, moonlight, sound, intention and more. Use the method that feels right for you. But again, use caution when choosing your method. For example, not all crystals should be exposed to harsh sunlight or water. Be sure to learn as much as you can about the crystals you choose and the method that is best for them.

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not let other people handle or touch any crystals that you have bonded with for your personal use. The crystal will absorb their energy, which will affect and interfere with your connection to the crystal.

In addition to Crystal Healing, Li offers Crystal Guidance to help you choose the right crystals, and learn how to bond with and lovingly care for them to make the most of their powerful energies.