​​​INcentralism Self-Help Meditations 
Producing a deep state of tranquility and relaxation, INcentralism Self-Help Meditation creates the foundation for a positive mental environment. You're guided through focusing your attention from the inside out, reducing the stream of thoughts and expectations that can overwhelm your mind and cause stress. Yes, guided. So you can relax knowing there's nothing for you to do. Just listen and relax into a meditation mind. 

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​​​​​​The mind is everything​
Understanding that a positive inner dialogue directly affects and creates your outer experience of the world can change everything. In effect, what you think and feel, you attract - and you become. Expect the worst, and you shall have it. Expect the best, and begin to experience the limitless possibilities and abundance that life has to offer you. Through INcentralism Self-Help Meditations, you'll change the conversation you have with yourself to be consistently positive.  

Connect to your inner voice
Rather than trying to be who you (or others in your life) think you should be, you connect to your inner voice and guidance - your higher self - and listen to what you want and need.  Then, you set your intention, and choose to create your new, beautiful reality. 

Select a guided self-help meditation from the INcentralism Meditation Series:
You can select from one of six 15 to 20-minute meditation downloads on Amazon or ITunes, each with a different IN-centered theme:
IN balance:  This stress reduction meditation produces a deep state of tranquility and a peaceful, centered mind and body. It's your time to go deep withIN and relax.

INpowerment:  This powerful meditation guides you to INpower yourself through visualization and a positive, self-affirming inner dialogue to consciously create the life you want.

INlightenment:  The clear, connected mind of your higher self is your path to INlightenment. This meditation creates a peaceful, centered mind and connects you to the wisdom of your inner voice.

IN Love: When you radiate self-love, you attract the right relationships into your life. This meditation focuses on self-appreciation and unconditional love for the amazing person you are.

INjoyment:  Through this meditation, you'll set your INtention to be the joyful presence in every situation, and connect to the joy that is your true nature.

DivINity:  Be guided to the quiet place inside you, where divine light shines. You’ll connect to the divinity within you … to the source of all that is.  

To aid in connection and focus in this series of self-help meditations, a repeated IN-related word or phrase is used (called a mantra). Using the selected mantra, and combining the power of visualization, breath and calming music, you'll channel the inner flow of energy, through a peaceful, centered mind.

Rather than a mantra in another language like Sanskrit, for example, English, IN-based mantras are used. They are easy to remember and come back to, when your mind drifts. These can be something as simple, meaningful, and relatable as repeating IN; or repeating centering phrases like "I go withIN", "All I need is withIN" or "My power is withIN".

Benefits include:

  • Managing and calming your stress
  • Transforming and reducing negative emotions
  • Increasing mind and body self-awareness
  • ​Balancing your energy
  • Connecting to your inner guidance and your true self