This month's INsight:
How non-attachment to outcome ​can set you free

​by Li Saul

I’ve often been asked if desiring something is bad. And the answer is no; not at all.  We all have desires. The perfect love relationship. Overcoming health challenges. Personal or professional achievements. Or material objects - like a new car or a new home, for example.  

Desires and aspirations are a healthy part of life. Particularly when you embrace your desires in a positive, loving way and channel productive energy toward making them happen.  The important thing to remember is to love the journey, rather than focus on the outcome. That’s because attachment to outcome creates fear energy.

It's been said that there are only two basic emotions: love and fear

And everything we do is based out of one or the other.  Working toward something you love is a beautiful thing.  But fear that you won’t get it creates negative, often desperate energy.  And the more desperate you become for something - fueled by the fear that it won’t manifest -- the more likely you are to push it away energetically.  As a result, you’re actually stopping yourself from manifesting what you want.

It’s all based in the Law of Attraction

Very simply, positive thoughts attract more positive energy. And negative, fearful thoughts, attract more negative energy. In effect, what you believe … you create. So, if you believe your life is lacking in some way, then you begin to create (or stay) in that reality of lack.

How to free yourself from attachment to outcome

Whatever you desire, remember to:

  • Embrace your desire in a positive, loving way.
  • Channel productive energy toward making it happen - loving each step you take along the way.
  • Allow the possibility of something even better to come into your life, which may be different from what you expected.

By releasing your attachment to a defined outcome in a specific situation, your energy stays open and positive. You allow yourself to either manifest your desire - or manifest something even better; something that could bring you more joy than you ever imagined. 

Positive affirmations can help keep you on track

Think about your desire or aspiration, then repeat the following affirmation to yourself (or out loud) at least three times:

I am blissfully free from attachment to outcome.

Consider writing it down, as well -- at least ten times. It will amplify the effect even more. You may even want to add:

I allow this or something even better to come into my life.

Some final thoughts

If you live a life based in fear, you’ll allow more fear-based energy to attach itself to you - blocking positive manifestation. If you live a life based in love and gratitude, enjoying the journey, you’ll radiate positive energy into the universe, which will be returned to you multiplied.

Li Saul is the founder of INCENTRALISM. She is a Certified Meditation Guide, an IAMI Instructor / Member (International Association of Meditation Instructors), and an Approved Training Provider and Member of the International Meditation Teachers Association. She is also a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. 

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